There’s been an influx of new kpop fans in the last couple of years, brought in by the debut of bands like EXO/BAP/VIXX/BTS/etc, and that’s great, it means the party’s gotten bigger. But it’s come to my attention that a lot of the newer fans haven’t really dipped their toes into anything that happened earlier than 2012 or so, as exemplified by EXO performing Mirotic at an awards show and many of their fans having never even heard of this song before. And that’s a shame, because there’s a lot of good music out there. So I’ve compiled a list of, well, kpop hits you might have missed from the years 2008 to 2010, when kpop as we know it started really taking off. These are all in order-ish of the year they came out:
★Ela’s Top 10 For Those On The Go★ 01. mirotic: dbsk / 02. haru haru: big bang / 03. amigo: shinee / 04. genie: snsd / 05. it’s you: super junior / 06. abracadabra: brown eyed girls / 07. i don’t care: 2ne1 / 08. binguel binguel: u-kiss / 09. bbi ri bop a: narsha / 10. lupin: kara
☆20 Honorable Mentions To Jam To☆ 01. cinderella: seo in young / 02. wrong number: dbsk / 03. nobody: wonder girls / 04. oh my friend: big bang / 05. u go girl: lee hyori / 06. ur man: ss501 / 07. touch me: ivy / 08. sorry sorry: super junior / 09. sign: brown eyed girls / 10. heartbreaker: g-dragon / 11. hot issue: 4minute / 12. ring ding dong: shinee / 13. mister: kara / 14. my ear’s candy: baek ji young / 15. heartbeat: 2pm / 16. nu abo: f(x) / 17. follow me: 2ne1 / 18. shock: beast / 19. change: hyuna / 20. run devil run: snsd
(I tried my best but most of these MVs are not in HD because back in the day we were lucky if a video was in 480p. The struggle was real.)


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between love and hate right?i can feel you

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